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Taeniophyllum species- Tiny little orchid bloom

Taeniophyllum species

from OrchidTalk Orchid Forum by zainal abidin
One of the smaller flower leafless only green roots appeared on the bark and multiple spikes noted, difficult to find in the jungle.

I love the tiny ones.
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Wisconsin Orchid Events Calendar Update

The Calendar of Events has been updated with some new stuff, including the Madison show coming up the first weekend of February.

NEWOS will have a display there, so if you have any blooming plants be sure to get in touch and I will tell you where to bring them.

-Lee Speakin

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Ceratosylis heterophylla Philippine ceratos Orchid

Ceratostylis heterophylla- Philippine’s newest Ceratostylis

from OrchidTalk Orchid Forum by mr. suarez

I noticed that there are 4 threads here dedicated to Philippine ceratos, so I hope the folks don’t mind if I throw another one 😀

I described Ceratosylis heterophylla from plants found in Central Luzon almost 4 years ago (Feb. 27, 2008), although it wasn’t published until last year, at the Aug-Sept issue of the Australian Orchid Review. The species name echoes the unusual leaf variation exhibited by this species; it’s easy to mistake two non-flowering plants as belonging to two different species.



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Original story from OrchidTalk Orchid Forum by mr. suarez

Pictures of Orchids

Orchid Pictures Mini Cattleya and more…

Orchid Exhibition, December 25, 2011

This morning I went to see a small orchid exhibition, which is a great morning, I was impressed with a red orange tree mini cattleya.

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